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My husband has always wanted an awning for the far portion of our deck behind our house. The evening sun back there in the summertime can be brutal! Instead of that, we decided to buy a large patio umbrella to put in that area. But how could we prop it up so it won't fall over? I had seen a project similar to this on a home and garden show about 20 years ago using a large flower pot and putting the umbrella inside. I think this idea is so very cool and I was anxious to share it here with you. I hope you enjoy following along how we made this unique project!


large flower pot with drainage holes in the bottom

metal umbrella stand

large umbrella

bag of marble chips or stones

2 small bags of play sand

garden soil


Step 1: Place the Umbrella Base

Place the umbrella base down into the pot, making sure it is centered. Add the umbrella pole to the base. Pour the marble chips over the base.

Step 2: Add Sand

Add and spread the sand over the marble chips.

Step 3: Now Add Soil

Add enough soil so that the pot is as full as you would like it to be. Use your hand to smooth the surface of the soil.

Step 4: Mulch on the Top

Add enough mulch to make it about 1 inch deep.

Step 5: Supplies for the Plants




watering can

Step 6: Dig Out the Greenery

I knew I had extra greenery I could use that was in my flower bed in the front yard. Use the shovel to dig down under the plant. Gently scoop it out of the ground. Dig out enough greenery to make 3 sections of plants in the flower pot. Plan the arrangement of the greenery.

Step 7: Plant It!

Push away some mulch from where you would like to dig the first hole. Using the shovel, dig the hole deep enough for the roots to fit. Add the plant and cover the roots with the soil. Press the soil gently. Replace the mulch around the plant. Repeat with remaining sections of greenery.

Step 8: Plant Flowers

Plant the flowers using the same method as you did with the greenery, moving the mulch, digging the holes, adding the flowers to the hole and covering the roots with soil, pressing gently and replacing the mulch around the flowers.

Step 9: Now Water It

Using the watering can, water all around each plant.

Step 10: Add the Umbrella

Place the umbrella into the pole and the project is complete!

Step 11: Enjoy It!

There are so many things to enjoy about this umbrella in the big flower pot. You have created a shady area that will be appreciated on a hot summer day. You can enjoy the beauty of the flowers growing in the flower pot. Your guests will find it an interesting addition to your deck! And, you can remove the umbrella from the pole to store it in the winter.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing how we made this for our deck! If you decide to make one, please post a photo! I would love to see it!

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