Introduction: World's Fastest Can Opener

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Wow, I spend too much time opening cans"?

I have.

A manual can opener takes about 9 seconds to open a can of corn.

To solve this problem, I came up with a product that is guaranteed to save you tons of time. It's a simple adapter that connects a drill to your manual can opener handle.

Now instead of 9 seconds, you can do it in 0.3 seconds!

For comparison, here's how much time you'd spend opening cans (on average*) over 80 years:

  1. Manual can opener (9 seconds): 83.2 hours
  2. The World's Fastest Can Opener (0.3 seconds): 2.8 hours

*Estimate figures based on user opening 2 cans per day, 4 days per week. Adjust figures based on your usage.


Here's what I used to complete this project:

  1. Can opener -
  2. Screw - 4-40 -
  3. Foam tape -
  4. 3D printer -
  5. 3D printer filament -
  6. Allen wrenches -
  7. Corn -

Step 1: Print This Adapter

I designed an adapter to fit onto the handle of this can opener:

Print this bad boy on someone's 3d printer.

Step 2: Machine/print the Adapter Shaft

I machined an adapter shaft from aluminum. However, you could probably get away with 3d printing one.

The through hole is tapped #4-40 for the bolt that connects the adapter to the shaft.

Step 3: Add Foam Tape

I added foam tape on one side of the internal pocket that interfaces with the can opener handle. This just takes up a little space and helps grip the can opener twist handle.

Foam tape -

Step 4: Assemble

  1. Insert flat of shaft into mating feature on the adapter
  2. Bolt shaft to adapter

Step 5: Those Can Won't Open Themselves!

It's time to get yourself some cans and test out your super speedy can opener!

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